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Coming towards the new school year, I find my mind ticking over new things to do for the upcoming year. However I had this idea late last year, but until now I haven’t had the chance to do anything about it until now as I’ve been super busy over the holidays doing some work for the ICTEV, writing for their Playing For Real game.

So I suppose I’d better get to the idea!! With the amazing technology that is available to us, teachers frequently communicate over the internet, but what about kids from different schools communicating??

What I’m wanting to run this year is something I’d call…

The Student Conference Series

The idea of the Student Conference Series is that students would present something that they are an expert in over Elluminate and it would be made available for other students in other schools to attend!!

The idea for this came about when I had a student do a presentation for Mel Cashen’s grade at Lightning Reef Primary School in Bendigo (You can read about it here). To see the excitement in this student when he was doing it was very enlightening. Harris always new he was good at woodwork, but to be able to share his knowledge with others was very empowering for him. He worked so hard on his presentation, easily the hardest I’ve seen him work during writing for the whole year and he did an amazing job!

The Student Conference Series at this stage is still a work in progress, but for it to work I need like minded educators to put their hands up and say I want to be a part of it! So if you’re interested in being a part of this in any way (providing student presenters, have your students attend ‘conferences’), then let me know.

I envisage the conferences starting during March and probably happening during the afternoons, however if international teachers/students want to take part I can arrange that, and would be very excited! Any other questions, feel free to contact me!

You can contact me in many ways to express your interest:


twitter or twitter DM: @ben_mr_g

or simply comment below!!!

9 thoughts on “Be Part of this Exciting Opportunity!!

  1. Great idea Ben! I am keen to follow this project and think it would be a great story to share on Innovate Here (new website going live soon) and in Inspire magazine. Good luck with it!

  2. Love to be involved Ben and sure I’ll find some willing students. Student voice one of my 2012 projects.

  3. This is one of th emost transparent education acts I have witnessed of late. I would love to participate with my 3rd graders should the time zones allow that.
    Great idea!

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  6. Hey Ben,
    Love this idea ever since I read the post you linked back to above. Myself and possibly other colleagues at Bellaire Primary would be keen to get involved.

    Rick K-T

  7. Hey Ben,
    This is a terrific idea and I would be really keen to get on board. I did the Virtual World strand of Game-Based learning last year and am really keen (as are the kids) to get game development happening. It would be great if we could tap into your kids experiences from last year.

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