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WOW!! What a huge day, I’m spent, but must admit am swelling with a little bit of pride. Today was a huge day for my students, myself and the Student Conference Series. It started out with an early morning Conference Session at 10am with some special guests, Karen Dowling and Nyunkia Tauss from the Education Department. They were joined by Jo, an Ultranet Coach from Ballarat’s Regional Office. They were treated to 3 fantastic student presentations , 2 of which were by my students, the other by 2 girls from Epsom Primary School. Keep an eye out for us in Inspire magazine and on the Department’s Innovate Here website.

After a ‘break’ which featured a 1 and a half hour stroll around a farm in the hot sun, we returned to school for our Tech Afternoon and Pizza Night. The afternoon began with a Skype call to Jennifer Fenton’s students at Canadian International School in Hong Kong, the kids had a wonderful time talking and asking each other questions, having a laugh and even singing a few songs with/too each other. The kids were amazed to hear of the school’s sheer size of around 1800 students, compared to the 107 students at our school it is an astronomical amount.

This was followed by the students have a great time on the Xbox and Wii organising their own dance off and Mario Kart competitions. This all preceded the main event, the Student Conference Series presentations of 7 amazing ESL students from the Mark Twain International School in Romania. My students were treated to fantastic presentations about Playing the Guitar and Drums, Dancing, Doodling, Soccer and Aikido, presented really well by Cristina Milos’ students. Whilst at times the audio was crackly, her students spoke clearly and apart from their accent you wouldn’t know that English wasn’t their first language. My students were so impressed with their efforts that one student felt that they would like to try and learn their language and do a presentation back to them later in the year in their native language.

It was so gratifying to see the Student Conference Series link students around the world and provide students with an authentic audience to share their passions with others, and inspiring students to do things for themselves. In a term that was extremely successful for the SCS, today may have been its biggest success and best example of its potential and its power.

So as a term comes down  to an end I want to thank Mel Cashen and Jenny Ashby for their support in moderating the SCS and also a thank you to all of those innovative and inspired teachers that allowed and encouraged their students to be a part of it. But most of all, I would like to give a MASSIVE thank you to all of those brave, inspired, amazing and creative students who put their hands up to present in the inaugural term of the Student Conference Series.



To participate in the  Student Conference Series next term fill in this Google Form:

To view the recordings from the Romanian schools click on the links below.

Session: Ioana – Doodling, Mihnea – Guitar, Andrei – Aikido



Session: Elenis – Dancing, Eric – Guitar, Iustin – Soccer, Peter- Drums

2 thoughts on “Connecting Students Worldwide

  1. Thanks Ben it’s been great and just the beginning of a terrific program. Congratulations on the success today and for the term. Congrats also to all our wonderful students. Looking forward to term 2 and count me in for any help needed.

  2. Congratulations to you, the kids and the moderators Mel and Jenny. It is
    lovely to see kids taking pride in their presentations. When setting up for the conference, the kids were calm, helping each other and persevering if faced with tech problems. I look forward to watching the recordings of the afternon sessions.

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