Dreaming Big!!

Who are we to tell kids that they aren’t capable of doing something they want to do so desperately? Surely we give our students the opportunity to try and achieve their dreams the best that we can. So when my students asked me if we could make our own Lego movie, of course I said, ‘why not’! However, there is a saying the we go by in my classroom.

“Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.”

So taking the motto, we are THINKING BIGGER!! Our goals have gone from making a little Lego Animation, to creating a whole class ‘feature-length’, Lego movie! The Lego movie we create, will be the main feature at a film festival that we will be organising and running, late in term 2. There will be special guests at the event and speaking as we go along and plenty of creativity to be seen. Stay in touch as I can confirm that our very special guest speaker on the night Adam Elliott, of Oscar-winning Harvey Krumpet fame, will be answering questions from the audience. I am also in talks with the Regent Cinemas in Ballarat about screening our film festival in their 700 seat main cinema on their big screen with surround sound.

Keep coming back to read more about our big project as we go!



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