So…28 days of writing…28 days of February…here we are.

Well back into the start of another school year, a year that feels very different to those gone before. Not that I have changed roles at school, or even gone to a new school, but the change of an era at my school. Last year saw the retirement of my Principal and Mentor, who gave me my chance 12 years ago. Also the departure of a long time colleague, who was employed at the same time as me, to another school.

So for the first time in a long time…the school felt different. IT’s hard to describe, but for the first time that I can remember, when the first day of school came, I wasn’t enthusiastic about returning. I spent the school holidays with my family at home, and in my spare time I was doing things for school. Building and painting large storage boxes for the kids to use as bag storage to try and overcome a space problem in the classrooms. Rearranging and decorating our schools internal learning space, trying to make it more functional and more attractive for our students. Creating new displays, some giant words of inspiration for may classroom; MAKE, LEARN, INVESTIGATE and ANIMATE. Normally having done all of those things, I’d have felt enthused and excited to get back and share it with our parents and our students, but I even tried to take it a step further, setting up a giant stick bomb to welcome my students at the start of the year. (I will post a video ASAP)

But, I get back to school for the first day and that excitement and enthusiasm that I have felt for 12 years, doing the job I love, isn’t there. The changes made in the classrooms and learning area went largely unnoticed and unappreciated by key stakeholders, especially parents and I feel that I have absolutely wasted my time with all of the hours I’d given of my own time.

However, there were some that were very appreciative, including two colleagues, who are two of the best friends I have. But there were 19 others who thought it all was absolutely amazing. These 19 people help to remind me why I do what I do. The 19 students in my class (normally 21, I had 2 away) were excited and enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. So this year, whilst it feels very different, is all about the same as the past. Making sure these kids get the very best that I can give them.

All situations are what we make of them, so I am going to block out all of the “noise” and focus on doing what I do best, give these kids learning opportunities and amazing memories to take with them for the rest of their lives. I can feel the enthusiasm rising…

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  1. Hey Ben, it’s a tough when our extra efforts are under appreciated or taken for granted. I’ve come to realize though that the satisfaction in extra effort is an internal one. You know you’ve improved the learning. That’s all you need 🙂

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